Not mine, I already have one but just thought I'd give a heads up as these don't show up very often and mine loads fantastic ammo. Actually, mine is not EXACTLY the same as mine is the "improved" version and only neck sizes but all the other parts in the kit are the same. Both the improved and unitized kits have the seperate hand primer and seperate expander/crimper. The primer also works on my 35 Remington and should work on any case of the same head size.

The thing about the unitized version is that it full length sizes so if you have more than one 30-30 your ammo will work in all of them.

Here is a link. And again, it's not mine and I have no ties to the seller. I just watch for Lee Loaders enough to know that these don't show up very often.

Lee Loader Unitized Version in 30 30 with Hand Priming Tool Used | eBay