Home grown muzzle re-crown
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Thread: Home grown muzzle re-crown

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    Home grown muzzle re-crown

    This is not a re-crown on the cheap. I purchased a muzzle crown /chamfer kit from Brownells. I had to get some additional pilots (to cover my other guns). Instructions are clear. You can do it slowly by hand or by a cordless drill with the adapter. I tried by hand at first. Found I was not keeping a consistent 'down' pressure and could only go part way around the 360* of the muzzle. Opted to change to the drill w/adapter. Don't use TOO MUCH down pressure and go rather slowly. Use cutting oil. Lap the 'bore' to chamfer the ends of the lands. They sell a brass tool for this too, or you can make one or use a brass screw (round head variety). Oh, you'll need some lapping compound for this part. Does a good job. I come into old guns from time to time and this is one of tricks (along with fire lapping) I use to get an old gun to shooting good groups again. But, as you can see, you can tie up some money in tooling.
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    I'd say use an electric screwdriver vs. electric drill: electric drills usually don't turn less than about 2k rpm, and even the variable speed triggers go from off - barely turning - top rpms in about this -> <- much space. Power screwdrivers typically turn slower & have smaller [weaker] motors so the user doesn't have problems w/ stripping all their screw heads. Should work aces for this application, I would think!

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    The Dewalt rechargable drill I use has good trigger speed control and 3 speed ranges that would help keep the lapping under control.
    Your right 30calpal, a lot of money can be tied up in tools. Some folks call em "toys", especially when someone else pays for them.
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