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    Paper Patch and Smokeless?

    I have been loading paper patch bullets for quit a few years now for the Shiloh Sharps. I have only used paper patched bullets with black powder loads. Are there any of you using them with smokeless loads. If so what loads have you tried in the 45-70 with 550 gr. paper patch bullets, and what was the results as far as accuracy.

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    Re: Paper Patch and Smokeless?

    There is no problem with using smokeless powder to propel your paper patched bullets.

    I'll have to refer you to your reloading manual for powder charges as I have not used a bullet that heavy in a Marlin because the bullet length tends to limit the powder capacity in a lever gun where the overall cartridge length is more important than it may be in your Sharps.

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    Re: Paper Patch and Smokeless?

    I have used smokeless with my Lee 500 grain FN that I make in to a PPB and used it in my 1895CB, But like Hudson said refer to your reloading manual. I also have loaded a 530 grain PPB with smokeless in my Sharps.

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    Re: Paper Patch and Smokeless?

    I've used bullets as large as 405's in my .45-70. Good Mr. Janott sent me some larger ones, like you mention, but they are awaiting warm shooting weather to try this spring. I have loaded from 300 to 405's with Re-7, IMR 3031, and am about to try a Hogdon powder too. Seems like there were one or two other powders as well.

    I've found that the information in the Hornady Manual most closely represents want I found (velocity wise) on my chronograph. (In other words, if it said that 50 grains of powder "x" with a 350 grain bullet was velocity "y", that is what I actually got with my ppb's over a chronograph. I can not verify pressure as I have not strain gauge, so use this information strictly at your own risk. Every gun is a little different, hope this can be of some use).

    I have not tried any of these loads specifically, but many of them seem to mirror data I have used, if it is of any use.
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