Does anyone know if there is a replacement loading gate that can be used for the one in the 1889 in .32/20? Like all of the other parts, it had been filed, stoned, and who knows what else to get it to fit to the adapted carrier that was in the rifle when I bought it. Since then, I replaced the carrier, and had to stone the loading gate and carrier to allow the carrier to slide past the loading gate. After about 2 dummy rounds in the mag tube, the dummies start sliding past the gate and lock up the action. I'm sure not a gunsmith by any stretch, so maybe I'm on the wrong path. Help! To the guys who offered to send me dummy rounds, I appologize. I couldn't reach you by Email, as my system was screwed up. After the fifth time at reentering everything, maybe it is fixed. It worked last night, but that was last night. I haven't tried it today. Thanks again.