Older Weaver K2.5 60-B post and crosshair questions
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    Older Weaver K2.5 60-B post and crosshair questions

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 1963 Marlin 336 in 30-30 and was looking for a scope that would suit its age. I managed to find a very good condition Weaver k2.5 60b with the post and crosshair (horizontal) reticle. This is my first vintage scope, so I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is the eyepiece adjustable to bring the reticle into focus? There is a knurled ring where the occular bell housing joins the tube and exposed threads; is this a lock ring that can be backed off to allow the eyepiece to be adjusted? I don't want to risk accidentally removing the eyepiece completely.

    2) What is the typical/preferred sight picture for the post/crosshair? The post extends above the crosshair so do you put the tip of the post on the target or use the intersection of the post and crosshair as the target point?

    3) Are these scopes sealed and is the parallax set at 100yds?

    Thanks for the help. I also picked up a set of vintage Weaver detachable rings, so I can't wait to get the scope mounted.


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    Re: Older Weaver K2.5 60-B post and crosshair questions

    1.) Yes- back off the knurled ring, and adjust the eye piece by turning it. On a scope of 2.5X, you likely won't have to go far. Note- you want to get the reticle in focus, not the image. The image will be fine once the reticle is focused for your eyes. Great scope for shooting with both eyes open, btw. I even find myself doing it at 24X.

    2.) It is not by any means a long range/target scope. It was designed for close-in deer woods hunting- fast acquisition at near, to very moderate ranges. I'd say sight it in the way it suits you best. IIRC, that difference between the top of the post and the cross-wire is a deer's brisket at 100 yds (18")

    3.) I'm not sure on. I have a K-4 here that isn't- but that means little. If it has been nitrogen filled, you'll have to use a fair bit of force once the eye bell moves past it's intended range of adjustment. Parallax is more than likely set at 100. For a 2.5X scope mounted in proper (Low as possible) height rings, parallax should not be noticeable enough to be an issue. You're more likely to cheek the rifle the same way every time with a low over the bore scope...

    Just as an aside, I'd avoid the period correct Weaver rings- they're a p.i.t.a. to get the cross wire level on. Spend a few bucks on burris all-steel rings- much easier to work with, without the aluminum bottom half of the Weavers....



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