Marlin Model 60 W
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    Marlin Model 60 W

    Just purchased a Marlin Model 60W, 22 long rifle, semi-auto, tube fed. Has a gold trigger, and the Safety, Ethics, and Sportsmanship medallion in the stock.
    Can anyone tell me what the "W" stands for, I have read that it means a walnut stock, which it does not have.
    Two friends of mine have the same gun with the letter "W" and they do not have a walnut stock, all stained to look like walnut, but not walnut wood.
    Someone said, because they came from walmart is the reason for the "W", I don`t think that is right eather.
    Searched the internet for info on Marlin 60W, found every letter for the model 60 execpt "W"
    Would love to know what the "W" means fellows.

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    Been collecting Marlins for a bit now and I "believe" what you have is a Marlin Model 60W. It was a commemorative edition with a "walnut finish" standard birch stock, gold finish trigger , and a gold seal (medallion) in the butt stock that read "sportsmanship, safety ethics" and icon of man and youth shooting. It also featured a brass feed tube with a 15 round capacity.It like other post 1988 60's had "last shot hold open" feature with a Micro-groove barrel in 1:16 twist. They were a special 125th anniversary edition for the NRA (1996). Also seem to remember a small run of "Ducks Unlimited" about the same time (probably just using up the parts) with the same features and "w" designation. Most of my collector buddies dont think the "w" really means anything, but ya got yourself a nice little limited run 60 so enjoy it.



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