Looking for 22 Magnum Lever Action
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    Looking for 22 Magnum Lever Action

    Team Marlin:

    I am looking for a Lever Action 22 Magnum rifle, no synthetics allowed Price range $250 - $386, walnut, no laminate either. If you had to limit it to three choices what would they be. I had my eye on the 1894 M on Gun Broker but that rifle is going to go way over my budget. Anyway what do you think?

    PS. I know the shops and pawns where I can look for the rifles, and I am not looking specificly for 1894 22M. Just looking for recommendations on three options for Lever Action 22mag. Thx you-all.
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    I think any 1894M will be way over your budget. Those always go at a premium. Hunt around local pawn shops or ask around. As far as I know they are not made anymore.
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    +alot on the pawn shops, got my 1894m at one just the other day for a song and a dance(needed some fixing but but....). also got my 57m at a pawn shop, which is another cool lever action put out by marlin in the 50s/60s. Lots of people like Henry, but i dont know what they run.
    Good luck shopping around, dont be afarid to ask the guys at the pawn shop what you are looking for and get them your info. I have a few guns in my safe that i got the call on the day they came out of pawn before they put them on the shelf.

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    I bought my 1894M 22mag. a couple years ago at a little old Mom&Pop pawn shop for $315 and it is in excellent condition. While I know things have changed in the Marlin world, there are still good buys to be had if one just looks and shops around.. Good Luck

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    I have a Ruger 22 mag and love it. Short throw, good stock for me, scoped it and it is a varmit shooter.

    Mike B

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