I know this is primarily a Marlin forum, but I want to see if there's any interest in the 50 cal Freedom Arms revolvers. In 1995 I purchased a new FA in .50 Action Express. I worked up a number of great handloads, and learned that, when loaded carefully, it could nip at the heels of the .475 and .500 Linebaughs. Then in 2005, I had FA cut a 2nd cylinder in their then-new .500 Wyoming Express. Thankfully, I already had the .50AE, because they discontinued it, and won't cut a cylinder in .50AE for an existing .500WE. I have the best of both worlds. Thanks to Desert Eagle sales, .50AE ammo and brass is plentiful and reasonably priced. Thank to S&W, .500 diameter bullets are everywhere. And now that the .500WE is available, true .500 Linebaugh power is possible. Only the .460 and .500 S&Ws exceed it, and that's in a much bigger, heavier revolver. To be honest, I find the .500WE to be capable of much more power than I can reasonably tolerate. Handloaded to my toleration level, it's a great cartridge: powerful, accurate, and compactly packaged. Are there any other 50 cal Freedom Arms fans out there who'd like to exchange experience with the cartridges? And please, to all you .500S&W fans, I do respect you and your choice of revolver. No need to remind me that it's the baddest handgun around. I'm not seeking comparisons with it, but rather actual experience with the FA 50's.