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    Why no Handi-Rifle in .460?

    Does any one have any idea why H&R hasn't produced a Handi-Rifle in .460 S&W Magnum yet? It seems like somewhat of a no brainer. I saw one post where someone had purchased a H.R. that had been re-chambered for the .460 (and I hope it holds together) but what's the deal? Is H&R sleeping? Anyone else out there want one in .460?
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    I've got one, a rechambered 45 Colt BC Carbine, works fine, although accuracy isn't the best so far with either of the two loads I've shot in it, lots of the 454 Casull BC Carbines out there too, about 50 rechambers done by hand with my reamer at GBO, both the 460 and the 454 Casull have the same SAAMI MAP of 65kpsi which is identical to the 270 Winchester which is factory chambered in the H&R, insignificant difference in case head size, since the 270 works fine, so will the 460 and Casull. The 20" 460 Carbine pushes 200gr Hornady FTX factory ammo just short of 2900fps, 250gr handloads ~2600fps.

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    So from what you are saying, you are confident that the H&R will handle the pressures safely?
    I just keep hearing that they will not, but I too have seen the pressure data between other calibers that they offer and have wondered about just doing it.
    Here is what I am thinking if the 460S&W is safe is chambering a 35x460. A lot more options on 35 caliber bullets.

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