Proposed Changes to the WV Hunting regulations...
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    Proposed Changes to the WV Hunting regulations...

    WV is asking for comments on a lot of proposed changes. From what I have seen in the past, these changes are pretty much assured of happening, but they are required to solicit comments.

    Let me see if I can summarize:


    • Urban archery hunts run from Sept 8 - Dec 31. The bag limit is raised from 2 to 7.
    • Moved regular deer archery to the Monday closest to Oct 1. It runs till Dec. 31.
    • The early archery season is eliminated
    • Antlerless season has had a ton of changes: 3 days added in October and 3 fewer days in Dec. The split comes a week later in Dec 13 - 15.

    • Muzzleloader season moves a week earlier - Dec 3 - Dec 8.
    • Early muzzleloader season reduced to 3 days - Sept 27 - 29.
    • In certain counties archery hunters are going to be required to take an antlerless deer before harvesting a second buck
    • In certain counties hunters are required to take an antlerless deer before harvesting a 2nd buck.
    • Hunters will be able to harvest 2 deer per day, but only one can be a buck.

    There have also been changes to allocation of antlerless licenses in WMA's. Several that used to take application are now open for killing 1 antlerless deer with resident or non-resident antlerless license.

    So if all that isn't confusing, I don't know what is. I think the deer populations will be up this year due to the unusually mild winter.

    Some items I agree with, others I don't, but in the end I doubt that my comments will matter, but I sent them to the DNR anyway.
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    always speak up

    You should always voice your opinion, yes you are one voice, in a sea of voices. When all the voices add up it becomes a roar, and a roar gets heard. If the decision is tight you may be the one voice that puts it your way. Here in Texas we are working on getting suppressors allowed for hunting, I am a small voice in the sea cheering it on. I hope to push this wave over the edge. Will not do me much good with my 308ME, but I have a couple other rifles that could use the safety device.

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    Very confusing to say the least ! It seems everywhere someone has to have JOB justification because sure common sense is gone .Of course milder winter means more deer and for people like yourself who are in the ''KNOW''and what you know and understand about our resource falls on deaf ears ................We got our educated biologist up here in Canada who think they understand it all and the herbivores are having a hard time with predation ,same people who along with class mates sent down our Canadian wolf and how is that working out for the wildlife south of the border,,, ,from what I hear kind of sad really .

    Up here same hold true many hunters are unsure where they are when they leave the truck, because from year to year it changes.

    Many of the older generation are fed -up with all the nonsense and refuse to hunt anymore .Without all of us hunting our numbers fall and we land as a minority without a voice, without the nescessary clout to deal with the anti-hunting laws .

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