I'm not going to make it home before all of the elk seasons expire and that's one thing thats on my bucket list. By the beginning of Elk season next year I'll be finishing my 5th overseas deployment. Hopefully that will be my last one. I'm a contract UAV operator BTW, never been a soldier. Soldiers serve, I just give them things to look at.

My brother will be returning from his first tour overseas after doing a year+ in Korea and he and I would like to bag an elk next year. He and I are thick as thieves, always have been, and the prospect of being in the woods with him on a hunt thrills me to no end. Heck, we might even let our Dad come along!

On this deployment I've read at least half a dozen books on elk hunting and they all say that with a little work bagging an elk on public land is very possible. They also say to farm out and ask those in the know for information and help so that's why I'm turning to y'all.

According to a few books I've read they say that you should target 4 management areas for your public land tags. Could anyone here offer any advice as to a few areas that are good producers. A trophy would be nice but a memory is our primary objective, followed by meat in the freezer.

Once I have my 4 areas picked I'll start getting to know the areas using google earth, on the ground intel from biologists, and topo maps. Then we'll get our tags! We're not bow hunters so it will have to be a rifle season. We're both good shots and we're stubborn enough to be able to navigate the terrain.

I was born in the shadow of Horse Tooth mountain so I've got a soft spot for CO. Sadly, I know precious little about her.

Any help and guidance will be much appreciated.