Glenfield model 30A price
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    Glenfield model 30A price

    Not that I NEED another 30-30, local gun shop has a first variation Glenfield Model 30A circa 1975 with a Glenfield scope 4x32 I think, bluing in very good shape and the stock shows sign of some scuffing/ normal use. Thought if I could talk him down some I might get it for a project gun..IE 16.25" barrel, replace the wood with walnut, 3/4 mag. Of course this is way before the cross hammer block, it does have the hammer extension. Didn't have a bore light so I can't tell you about the rifling or the innards. He's looking for $269.00.......I'm looking for max of $225.00 OTD. What do y'all say?? Looks like this one in this thread. Marlin Glenfield Rifles Mr fixit
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    Mr. Fixit,I like your idea.To be totally honest with you $270 for a marlin in rough condition where I live is reasonable.I just cant find a lever here for lessthan $300 regardless of how hard I try.Regardless, I would not let $45 keep me from bringing home a gun that I will enjoy for years.Once you get it home and play with it ,you will forget you paid asking price.At least thats what I have convinced myself of.

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    I didn't "NEED" another 30-30 when I came across my Glenfield 30A either, but the asking price was $160, so I bought it anyway!, turned out it had an oversize chamber with horrendous chatter marks from the reamer.
    For as little as I had in it it went to JES and now it's a 356 Winchester, but I agree, it needs some walnut furniture.
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    I paid 325 for my 1975 Glenfield 30A 30-30. It has scuffed wood and worn blue and had a foggy bushnell scope on it. Yea I paid to much for it. But it groups less then a 1 1/4 inch at 100 and I am not afraid to let it bang around in the truck. So it the perfect deer/coyote truck gun. I would pay 269.00 no problem!

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    I paid $249 OTD for my 36G. It's got a few pits in the barrel but accuracy is not affected. Bluing worn pretty good and someone had tried a re-finish on the stocks (not bad but not very good either). I paid $75 for the cut/crwon/sight dovetail work, $70 for a Williams FP and $~15 for a Skinner front file-to-fit sight.

    Absolutely LOVE that little gun and it was worth every penny! The asking you price you show Dave wouldn't bother me much at all. If you can get it sheaper of course that is great but if you go for it I think you might find you'll have a new love.

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    I've bought 2 30A's for pretty good deals. The first was from a pawn shop and I paid $200 + tax = $212 + $5 background check = $217.

    The best deal was from an individual in the town where i live. I paid $200 and he gave 5 new boxes of Federal Power Shok ammo. 3 boxes of 150 gr and 2 of 170 gr. So if you figure $9.00/box for the ammo (it's more than that here), I paid $165 for the gun. I still have the 3 boxes of 150 gr loads. This is the 30-30 I still have as I have sold all of my other 30-30's.
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    without a sling $225.00 is a real fair price.

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