Figure this one out : Liberty Centurion gun Safe CN20 model
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    Figure this one out : Liberty Centurion gun Safe CN20 model

    Stopped into a Lowes store the other day to check out their Liberty Centurion CN20 Gun Safe. Looked good for the price . (Should have bought it when it was on sale ! ) Checked out the back and inside and that is when I saw the MADE IN CHINA !!! sticker on the safe.

    So, I get home and look up that safe on the Liberty Safe website.

    Says "MADE IN THE USA" Hum.... I call up their 800 # and after waiting on hold for 6 minutes, I talked to one of the Customer Service Reps and tell him about the Centurion CN20 safe at Lowes that says MADE IN CHINA and that Liberty's website says "Made in the usa" He told me that they used to be made in China , but that they shipped the manufacturing back to the USA. I then asked when the USA made CN20 would be in Lowes warehouse ? He did not know, said probably when they get their next shipment.

    I call my local Lowes store up aske them when they will get the USA made CN20 safe in stock. The answer I got was " Not until we get rid of this safe !! "

    Any idea when Lowes will stock the USA made CN20 gun safe ?

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    Re: Figure this one out : Liberty Centurion gun Safe CN20 model


    I worked at HD for awhile and they pretty much function like Loews. Forget about talking to salespeople or even managers. Find the guys/girls who do the inventory job. They usually work early AM to early afternoon. They would give you the best info. And it is slightly true about the safe on the floor, both stores are trying not to spend a lot on inventory, and tend not to order large items until they are zeroed out. Also HD individual stores for example get most of their orders directly through Atlanta. For the most part individual stores don't have a lot of control of the merchandise they get.

    There are a lot of Liberty warehouses and storefronts around the country, did you check any in your state?
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