Range Results for 35 Remington +P Loads
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Thread: Range Results for 35 Remington +P Loads

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    Range Results for 35 Remington +P Loads

    This morning I had a couple hours to kill so I went to the range with my +P loads for the 35 Remington. I loaded Hornady 200 gr FTX bullets using H-4895 powder and Speer 220 gr FN bullets using AA2520 powder. I was a bit conservative on this first go round, but here are the results: (The weather was cool, sunny 60 degrees with no wind at all)

    First the 200 gr FTX bullets. I started by setting up the chronograph and shooting 5 shots of the Hornady LE factory ammo. My chronograph was set at 15 feet. The results of this were surprising.the 5 shots ranged from a low of 2089 fps to a high of 2106 fps. The average was 2098, and the SD was 7.3. The string was very consistent, but the velocity was much lower than Hornady's claim of 2225 on the box. These were shot from my Remington 760 with a 22" barrel. Here are my loads using H-4895. I'll give the average and SD for each:

    39.0 gr - 2065 fps SD - 16.2

    39.5 gr - 2092 fps - SD - 8.5 - Almost equal to the factory

    40.0 gr - 2113 fps - SD - 10.1 - Surpasses the factory

    40.5 gr - 2145 fps - SD - 19.0 (I had one low round of 2125, if that's removed, the average is 2152)

    I stopped there because the charges were getting quite compressed, but I had no pressure signs at all, and I think I can go to 41.0 with no problem. That should give me around 2175 out of my gun.

    Here are the results for the Speer 220 gr and AA2520:

    38.0 gr - 2030 fps - SD - 17.0 (1 low round in this group of 2013 fps lowered the average and increased the SD)

    38.5 gr - 2053 fps - SD - 8.2

    39.0 gr - 2066 fps SD - 14.5 (there was a low round of 2055 here if that was removed, the average is 2072)

    39.5 gr - 2041 fps - SD 6.9 (I don't understand this load, the velocities were very consistent, but low.)

    40.0 gr - 2088 fps - SD 9.0

    Again, no pressure signs on these. I think I'm going to try to go to 41.0 gr on this load and I should get around 2100 fps or a little more. That is where I'm going to stop. I think that velocity with the 220 gr Speer will make a great bear load.

    I like the 40 gr load of H-4895 with the 200 gr FTX bullet. It shot very well. This may be my hunting load in the 760 pump. I want to try it out of the Marlin and see how well it shoots and if there are any signs of pressure.

    40.0 gr of AA2520 may be my hunting load with the 220 gr Speer. I'm going to try to get to 41 gr and see how that does. Once I decide on this one, I'll shoot it in the marlin as well and see if there are any pressure signs.

    One other note. The load I had been using with the 200 gr FTX bullets was 30.5 gr of H-4198. This gave an average of 2054 fps with an SD of 8.0. It was a good load, but I was afraid of taking it much higher with H4198 because of pressures. I'm basically 100 fps above that with the H-4895 load.
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    Re: Range Results for 35 Remington +P Loads

    Very nice post Hal. I like to see what a +P load could do in your 760 after you find the magic formula. Keep us posted.

    If I have to explain to you why the 35 Remington is one of the finest rounds ever loaded, then you just won't understand.

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    Since this was originally posted in 2009, do you have any new data to add to this test? The question about why the SAAMI max pressure for the 35 Remington is so much lower than the 30-30 and 32 Special keeps popping up every once in awhile. I'm not a velocity freak, but I like to get what I can out of a hunting load without over-stressing the cases or the rifle. I'm curious to know what these results would be with LVR powder in the Remington 760 and Marlin 336.

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    Wow! Pretty quiet here!

    I'll bump this up again, as I'm interested in loading the .35 Rem to "normal" pressures. Or whatever normal should be in a 336. Not interested in trying to equal a .358 Win. but the current 30-30 level loads are pretty anemic. Especially considering that the bore size. And the bigger case capacity. Not that I consider the 30-30 anemic, but when I go to a .35 with more case capacity, I want an increase in performance (for the most part). Something to make the bullets "work" a little harder.
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