You shot that with what?
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Thread: You shot that with what?

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    You shot that with what?

    OK what gun/cal did you use, that would be well. not an everyday thing. example. when I as 17, for some reason. I used my fathers win 70 super grade 458 win mag 500 gr solid bullets to hunt woodchucks for a while. ( got 5) also we would go frog hunting with 38/357 mag revolvers with wadcutters. so anyone want to add.

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    When I was about 15, I took out a squirrel and a woodchuck on the same day with my Dad's Ruger 44 Mag Carbine - he said nice, now fork over a dollar for the rounds you used to do that with. He charged me .25 cents for the three bullets I fired and an additional .25 cents "unauthorized borrower's" gun rental fee - my parents naturally figured I was taking my Sears Ted Williams .22LR out in the woods and I was actually planning on sneaking his carbine. And then he made me fetch him beers while he watched me clean every gun we owned no matter how long it had been since it had seen daylight and told me to be glad he didn't charge me for the cleaning supplies I used to do it with too. Totally worth it - but I never did it again. LoL.

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    3835 times a fairly early age, hunting with my Dad and Uncle, squirrel, 12 gauge #4 3" Magnum's (TALL trees), I was picking up a squirrel that fell into a pine thicket and this bee stung me right in the back of the neck, I was pissed. I decided it was hot and I was outa there.

    Walking up the trail with all those squirrel there was this dang big hornet bee, (you know the kind that can hover around zipping about like a hummingbird) he looked like an overgrown wasp kinda, he was super fast, dive bombing me trying to get my squirrel, this went on for about 100 yards making me more mad every minute. Then this persistent PIA bee went out in front of me about 15yards and started hovering in my face like he was daring me to proceed down this thin trail back to the truck.

    I instantly dropped my squirrel, pitched up that 12ga and blew that POS bee to hell.

    Back at the truck, my Dad said: "what were you shooting at coming out?" ....I looked the other way and said, "nothing Dad".

    True story.... I should tell him one day.

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    When we still had an abundance of small game, I really enjoyed using a .357 revolver with .38 waddcutters. I WAS deadly accurate with those waddcutters.

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    Smith & Wesson Model of 1917 & Buck Folding Hunter.jpgI used this Model of 1917 when I took my great niece squirrel hunting. That was a few years ago. We had a good time. I got my fox squirrel and didn't shred it into pink mist.

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    Deer on right .444 (my wife)

    Deer on left .458 win mag (literally almost knocked me out of my tree stand, NEVER tried that trick again)
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    I dunno'... when we were kids we hunted butterflies and dragonflies with a .22 rifle a few times at a nearby pond. Also vaporized a rabbit once on a slow day deer hunting with a 30-06... not really proud of that one though, ha!
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    Well this doesn't sound odd from the beginning, because I shot my first squirrel with a 12 gauge single shot shotgun (borrowed). What's wrong is, well, lets start by this being my first trip out while holding my own gun, borrowed or not. An older friend let me go squirrel hunting with him one day. I borrowed his single shot and he had his Dad's borrowed pump gun, and I don't recall what either of them were now. We pulled up to the old Woodman of The World building, that was down a private road several miles out from town, surrounded by woods, and started getting the guns and gear out of the trunk. As I loaded the single shot, I immediately heard Mike say "There's a squirrel, right behind you!". I turned around and sure enough, about 12' away a squirrel had run up a huge oak tree and stopped in a fork about 8' up from the ground. And I shot it, right there. I very clearly remember that poor squirrel flying through the air at least another 10-12 feet or so when the full blast hit him dead square on.

    I wanted so badly to take home a trophy that I had taken all on my own, even though Mike said I shouldn't bother. I did, and I remember asking Dad to come downstairs and show me how to clean it. His forehead and nose wrinkled up when he saw my prize and he said something like "What was it?" To give him credit, he did try to salvage something of it, but in the end it just wasn't worth it.

    I don't remember any other squirrel hunts like I do that one, but I did learn a lesson.
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    Coming home from work one night,I had my Savage 24DL with me. 22 Mag/20 ga 3". It's just about dark,and South Dakota cold. In my left front pocket I had 49 FMJ mags and 1,count them one,hollowpoint. Going by a shelterbelt I saw a grouse in a tree. Reached into my pocket and grabbed a cartridge. Chambered it,closed the Savage,shot that grouse,and watched the legs,wings,and feathers drift to the ground. Found the one hollowpoint by Murphy's luck and vaporized the bird. I was really looking forward to fresh grouse. We had legs,thighs,and wings with supper.
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    Went hunting with an older guy when I was a sprout. He had a .22 and a .410.

    We went to one of the farms my dad rented and were driving down the road when he stopped to shot at a Jack Rabbit. He missed and I asked if I could shoot the .410.

    He said yes and I poked the shotgun out the car window and aimed at the English Sparrow that was sitting on the fence about 10 feet away.

    I still remember that ring of feathers that appeared as soon as I shot.

    Didn't touch the fence wire

    My brother loaded his .35 Remington with light pistol bullets. Called them his "Jack Rabbit disintegration ammo"
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