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Thread: Close encounter with Bison, ssssh, be very very quiet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JACKW1 View Post
    I know a gal that Bison hunts nearly every year. Her favorite rifle is the Marlin 444 and she shoots it well. Mind you, she usually goes to a Bison hunting ranch where you can walk up on them pretty close and shoot them. She said she has two freezers she fills up and that is after she gives some meat to family and friends.

    I like Bison, great flavor. Bull Bison are just plain huge and no doubt they demand respect.

    For some blame reason Jack,,that last sentence reminds me of a gal I used to know!
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    In November of 1990 my wife & myself were in Yellowstone on a Honda V65 Magna and wound up in the middle of a Bison herd. They were like cattle meandering their path home & were were at their crossing point. We could have just reached out & touched them. They just ignored us thankfully. I was very impressed how large their eyes were. They made me feel very humble. Very impressive at arms length away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biri View Post
    wow!!! if they showed her pantys they shure would have changed color!! for a bit darker!! eheheheh
    Mine would have been darker!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob42049 View Post
    "You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd,but you can be happy if you want to"

    ---Roger Miller 1966
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    We have a wildlife refuge in Oklahoma where Elk, Texas Longhorns and Bison roam freely. I waited a long time for this shot. I was hiding in a group of boulders while the herd gathered and then settled down. I shot this with a 200mm zoom lens set at around 100mm, as I I wasn't really all that far away. Sometimes it's more exciting to photograph than kill...........................though I'll admit I'd love to lower a bead on one of these big fellows with my .45-70! Click on the image to see it as I was from my hiding spot.

    Oh, by the way, I was shaking in my boots, literally!!!!!

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