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    Here's a site that may help some of ya'll with getting ammo. Ammo :: Ammunition :: Ammo For Sale : Cheap Ammo : Find Ammunition at Type in what you're looking for and it lists ammo at the lowest cost per round. I just used it to buy some 44 mag ammo. I originally posted this in the 336 forum for some guys looking for certain types of ammo and then realized there are probably others out there doing the same hence the post here. Hope this helps someone.
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    I tried that for .22LR, and came up with one entry, CCI 22LR, 30 bucks for 100 rds.

    [Folks here gave me a hard time for paying $80 for a brick (500rds). That's almost half price what ammoseek came up with.]

    Other prices I checked were closer to normal. No .308mx, high prices on .444, deals on 30-30 seemed better...

    This is a cool tool though, thanks for sharing.

    Can't wait till things start to normalize, and then it'll come in real handy!
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    I've been following that and gunbot for a few months trying to find some sanely priced 22lr with no luck. I would love to hear from someone who has connected, so I know I'm not wasting my time.
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    Its easy to advertise something that one doesnt have, but they get a lot of info from the guys inquiring I would imagine.
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    I clicked on the link for the Rem Cor-Lokt 30-30 advertised from Cabela's for $19.99 - it took me to the Cabela's website where the listing price was $19.99/bx but I would be able to purchase the ammo on sale for $16.99/bx (which is what I paid for it on the Cabela's site last week). Cabela's listing price is $19.99/bx and the site reflected that SO I feel that the link is fairly accurate in reflecting who has what listed for how much. Specific ammo types and calibers can be easily targeted (pun intended). I found it to be quite handy and useful as opposed to clinking any and all the individual links that may be returned when researching/googling for ammo in general IMO.
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