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    Using Beretta mag in Marlin Camp 9


    Please forgive me if this was already answered elsewhere.

    I have a Marlin Camp 9 and I noticed the Marlin factury mag was shaped a lot like my Beretta Cougar mag. So I loaded in five 9mm snap caps into the Beretta mag and tried it in my Camp 9. It cycled just fine until it reached the last round and the bolt remained open without feeding the last round into the chamber.

    I think I saw a reference on the internet somewhere about converting a Beretta mag for use in the Camp 9, but I can not find it again. I don't want to mess up my Beretta Cougar mags but I might be able to pick up some cast-off Beretta (92?) mags for a good price that I could convert for use in my Camp 9.

    Any one know what I need to do? Is it just a matter of cutting the side slot in the Beretta mag a little bigger to match the Marlin factury mag?

    TIA... DMW

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    Re: Using Beretta mag in Marlin Camp 9

    S&W 5906, 915 and other of that model will fit and function in the Camp 9. don't know about Beretta's.

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