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Great Job, Lad! That is some heart shot.
I haven't shot deer yet, after only a couple of years back into firearms, but they are certainly on my radar. We have some populations nor far from me in New England, New South Wales near Glen Innes and Tenterfield. Hoping to create some contacts and get out there in the next year or so.
Hey Wags

Ya Gotta get into the deer hunting ! It is great fun and the meat is fantastic! I have been looking into doing a bit of hunting in the NSW forests now that they are open again - i was looking around the NSW/QLD border .... the only deer i have found that i have access to is around NW Gympie area (Kilkievan). Its heavy going though steep terrain and long carry's to get em to the ute.... :-)

My 2 mates both use 336 30-30's - i normally carry the 45-70 but the .270 comes in handy too. My latest rifle is a 9.3x62 and i cant wait to try it out in a few weeks during the roar...