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  1. My newest carvings for the top panel of my rifle rack
  2. Case Hardening vs Bluing
  3. Breeding Deer
  4. Colorado folks
  5. My Winter Poem
  6. Gun Show--dissapointment
  7. How many of you like Home baked Cookies ?
  8. World's largest weapon show......
  9. Dangerous Dan Tucker: New Mexico Lawman
  10. Weatherby SA-459 Turkey 12/22 BL/Camo 3 inch
  11. Shooting With Eye Protection
  12. New book "American Guns" by Chris Kyle
  13. Protective Eyewear Lens Color - Opinions?
  14. Obama Care ? What do we do ?
  15. Help with magazines
  16. Happy B-Day Dave Bulla and BFPGW
  17. Now's the time, Comment on delisting wolves
  18. 26 years and Counting
  19. Butt Stock Ammo Sleave
  20. Miss Kanas has my vote in the USA Miss America Pagent
  21. Is this Bull ???
  22. just wanted to say
  23. Can I Come Over Again Sometime?
  24. Blame it on the dog....
  25. Wounded Grizzly attacks hunter
  26. Hey what's up with Connecticut
  27. Congrats to the people of Colorado!!!!
  28. Cabela's nah--mom/pop gs yeah!
  29. SOLD Marlin 45-70 from previous thread pictures as promised
  30. Westerns~~~
  31. Is it just me?
  32. Windage
  33. My .44 Magnums
  34. Firearms and Sporting good business models
  35. Counterfeit Warning
  36. Why the post office is failing
  37. Range visit today
  38. Adios, Cabelas - - Never Again...
  39. Taken my buddy from Cali. out for a little target shooting
  40. CCW for the blind.....
  41. #39A Mountie all dressed up
  42. What a Beautiful Morning for a Road Trip....
  43. John Bull, English born gunman
  44. Which rifle for road trip ?
  45. My new Toy
  46. Thought I would show ya a pic of my medicine bag
  47. I don't know where he is at....
  48. LGS, Rossi .357
  49. Would like to hear your opinions on the Leverevolution ammo
  50. Just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend
  51. A little apprehensive about buying online
  52. This falls Under.."The Dumb You do and still come out smellin' like a rose"....
  53. Interesting Day...
  54. It's on!!
  55. Request your help.
  56. ATK gaining more market share in the firearms industries...
  57. Needed a Marlin levergun on my dove hunt.
  58. Even bear don't like lawyers
  59. Semi-Auto shotgun purchase
  60. Beretta Shotguns~~~
  61. Off the wall question
  62. Close encounter with Bison, ssssh, be very very quiet...
  63. Do any of you keep lists in a few folders about your
  64. I miss Leverdude, Gunjunkie, The couple from FL- Brian and Marla and
  65. Walked The Hunt'n Land Today...
  66. Anyone Know What This Is?
  67. Marlin logo slings
  68. Help please! Your rifle buck season?
  69. Happy Birthday Oz
  70. Lookin to Buy a Trail Camera, Opinions Needed!!!!
  71. From a Brit trying to understand the varied and diverse aspects of American culture
  72. Has anyone ever participated in the Quigley Shoot ?
  73. Gouging 101.....
  74. can anyone use this ? marlin model 93 deluxe Barrel in 30-30 EBAY auction
  75. Need advice: first rifle for 13-14 year old
  76. Melbourne Florida Gun Show - Turned out to be a Marlin Mecca
  77. SIGN THIS!whitehouse.gov petition to retract executive order against re-importing M1s
  78. Had a bit of a scare thursday.
  79. Good stuff on the roadways....
  80. So you want to buy a "used" rifle or gun ?
  81. Beer, bordome and curiosity did this.
  82. Bad remington ammo and I'm happy
  83. Springfield Armory Recall
  84. Another Blow to Liberty !!!!
  85. The truth about the wolf "reintroduction"
  86. Does anyone here participate in any Reenactments battles ?
  87. Please varify
  88. To Lazy To Do Their Own Research
  89. OpticsPlanet 12% Coupon for Y'all
  90. Here's More on NJ and Ill. legistlators
  91. Winchester never say never rule
  92. CDOC made me think......
  93. Anyone use this?
  94. My son just graduated from Marine Boot Camp!!!!
  95. Heads Up!.........Watch your elected Officials!
  96. anyone here let rip with Canons?
  97. Do you "pratice' with your oposite arm and eye when shooting
  98. Virginia Laws concerning non resident Long gun sales at Flea Markets
  99. Season is soon, get off the bench!
  100. Went to a Couple of Zoos This Weekend
  101. Been a long time coming...
  102. Christmas wish list
  103. Is this whats coming? The future of our great country
  104. Olden days scopes
  105. Back from the range
  106. If you won the lottery, what ...
  107. reboring by JES ?
  108. This is the reason I love this site....
  109. How have you "Justified" the purchase of another rifle with your better half ?
  110. Pages And Pages Behind
  111. Agressive moose
  112. How many of you only shoot
  113. XL7 Front takedown screw
  114. Scope or No Scope, what are your thoughts ?
  115. The waiting is killing me
  116. Why I love this site and the people on it....
  117. Hey HDStreet, you got mail!
  118. BenchRest
  119. Colorado gun law question
  120. How many rounds of ammunition per caliber did you have on hand before the
  121. The Bisbee Massacre, December 8, 1883
  122. My new to me 338MX!
  123. New Marlin 336 prices
  124. US warriors Outdoors- Woundeed vet outdoor adventures
  125. Remington Model 8, .35rem
  126. Bear in the yard....
  127. Ammo Hoarders...Some Just Don't Play Fair or Well with Others !!!!
  128. Seven mauled in recent bear attacks!
  129. Hiking/Camping.... would you trust a bear fence?
  130. Dysfunctional Family, The one's I let get away....
  131. Blueing stain remover
  132. Check out this gun safe!
  133. Cleaning patch storage
  134. Big problems trying to post pics...help!
  135. Barnes bullets here finally !
  136. Why does our gubmint need foreign firearms parts?
  137. Stand down
  138. Leather guys... who makes something like this for Marlin and Winchester carbines?
  139. Click-Clack Gun aka Gill Gun
  140. Whirlwind Tour
  141. Should I keep quite?
  142. Looks like she's on to me......
  143. Whooooooo-WEEE! .44mag - 6 shots in 1 second
  144. Eureka..."My go to gun"
  145. real gun control
  146. Somewhere out there, is a Genius....
  147. Petition to support delisting wolves
  148. M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle
  149. Just a bit of Big Bore Porn
  150. RIght U are Omnipotent1
  151. Sturm Ruger in the News
  152. long range and club in Ridgway, PA
  153. Urban Cowboy Rig
  154. Awesome or totally INSANE???
  155. 270 elk load?
  156. Crate Full of Levers
  157. at the range with a springfield M25 .308
  158. 17 WSM split necks?
  159. You owe it to yourself to look....
  160. Big Horn Armoury
  161. Need a new hunting coat. (USA)
  162. A new .35 Rem for GUNRUNNER !
  163. Pachmayr or Limbsaver recoil pad
  164. Six Gun Holster rigs
  165. Everyone likes a back scratch
  166. Fun shooter
  167. Nice to See a Pro Representing Prarie Dog Hunting
  168. Sherman ,Tx. gunshow this wknd.
  169. Tired of Cheap guns
  170. Illumination Headgear
  171. Got 39c can't find a thing about it
  172. Gotta Love it!
  173. Ammo shortage of 2013
  174. Hawke DeerPass scopes
  175. Remington Ballard rifling
  176. "Jr." Marlin BB Gun
  177. 22LR ammo?
  178. Firearms maker blames New York gun law for move to Pennsylvania Read more: http://ww
  179. Back from Montana
  180. Oh well....
  181. I Met An Intereting Guy Today.............
  182. 25 Years
  183. A sign of the times
  184. help
  185. tracer rounds banned on my private proprty
  186. "One gun solution" Not!
  187. You been banned
  188. Does anyone have experience with ...
  189. 3 year old son, any advice?
  190. I thought you guys were enablers......
  191. Great way to end a Sunday!
  192. New stray M44 Mosin
  193. I think it is a 39
  194. Is this some sort of a cival war musket ball? Pics
  195. Africa Dreamin'
  196. Midway Promo Code
  197. Hornady suspends production of 150 types of ammo / bullets
  198. What rifles did the Lewis & Clark expedition carry?
  199. Elk versus Grissly Bears and Wolves at Yellowstone
  200. Looking for new range in Alabama
  201. Elk hunting area is burning
  202. Powder paranoia
  203. The Marlin That I ALMOST Owned - And Probably Should Have
  204. Rx-strength blood-Lead removal with Garlic
  205. CA Senate Bill - Heads up CA Members
  206. Anyone using Armslist?
  207. I received this request from Midway, Did you?
  208. Life is good....
  209. A Special Day
  210. Red letter day
  211. Looking for a new range....
  212. Tipton cleaning rod question
  213. Gun bluing in the San Francisco Bay area?
  214. Do these type of Feed Backs make you Nervous ?
  215. Send Bloomberg A Message - Western Montana Rally on 7/25/13
  216. And now for something completely different GUNS In SPACE
  217. .45 Colt brass.
  218. Here is a question ....from my twisted world...
  219. Midway got some Hornady Inventory..Limited as it may be..
  220. Bad deal on gunbroker
  221. The wandering mind of a Middle aged man.
  222. Wanted Dead or Alive
  223. Range time for Mrs fixit!
  224. Shooting Sticks?
  225. Got a pretty good ol lady
  226. Payback time
  227. Model 12 in 16ga
  228. 1897 32 Special
  229. Tennessee Members
  230. Which scope Leupold VXI or Redfield Revolution?
  231. Heads UP .30-30 Hornady 160 Gr.
  232. No Way Out
  233. Problem: Driving from Georgia to Maine. How to take my handgun.
  234. Getting the itch and can't decide
  235. Remington "Hog Hammer" ammo?
  236. God created all men.... Yah you guys know the rest.
  237. New 410
  238. Life Below Zero on NatGeo
  239. Special thanks to 444GunSlinger2, I scored on a 308MX!
  240. Guide Gun Sunday - 300 Yard Range
  241. My collection of mediums & big bores
  242. Pacific Rim movie
  243. The media get it wrong again
  244. What to do with ammo crate?
  245. Happy Birthday Halwg
  246. Traveling to California...
  247. First Major Success In Lawsuit Challenging Colorado Gun Control Laws
  248. Shipping pistol for repair work?
  249. Wolves will never hurt you. Yah right!
  250. Is it time for a new name?