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  1. 1895G damaged front sight on brand new gun
  2. Excellent wood to metal fit
  3. Boom
  4. Rust in "REP" Stamp- Really, Remington!?
  5. Handled a bunch of Marlins at local gun shop
  6. Looked at a couple new Marlins
  7. New Auction for PMSteve's wife Ula here.
  8. Customer Service what a laugh!
  9. Trajectory limiting a 30-30 or 45-70 user.
  10. Ranting About the 1894CSBL
  11. What comes around, goes around...
  12. 1895G Marlinton - It's good!
  13. Remington R51 - Recall
  14. Marlin 336W is crap - Mfg. by Remington!!
  15. New SBL reveicer assymetric. Help/Opinions wanted.
  16. The new 336C limited edition
  17. .22LR XT Problem
  18. Marlin 1894CSS 357 Mag Lever
  19. The Good and the Bad
  20. Is the true value of something come down to how bad you want it?
  21. Marlin Making a Comeback
  22. Rants are getting fewer and farther in between
  23. Has remington turned the corner?
  24. Memorial Day
  25. Would You Buy A Miroku Marlin?
  26. I got a look at the latest Marlins at Grice Gun Shop today
  27. Former north haven marlin plant is sold.
  28. Optimism about Remington and Marlin
  29. Marlin article in RIFLE magazine
  30. NRA Convention 2014
  31. If Remington/ Marlin allowed someone to watch the assembly of their gun....
  32. Brand new Marlin Papoose 70PSS rant. Many, many problems. Got 70 Piece of Junk model.
  33. Quality Report 4-19-14
  34. Remington Has other Problems
  35. Opinion on the quality of my 336BL
  36. Maybe I was lucky?
  37. Can Marlin/Remington make a 45-70 as good as Winchester ?
  38. truth about current marlin production
  39. NEW Marlin 308 MXLR
  40. Point taken
  41. Remington Invasion
  42. gun buy back
  43. Advice on a new 1895 SBL
  44. Beautiful SS 336 at LGS
  45. Sent my 1894 in for warranty, and Remington screwed me.
  46. was in Sportsmanwarehouse last week when a guy was looking at a guidegun
  47. Had To Return Both Remlins for Repairs!
  48. The new Remington Plant
  49. So, I compared the quality of some older guns....
  50. Remington obviously doesn't care.
  51. Reciever screws in my 1895 GBL
  52. Teach Green and the others a lesson
  53. Bad barrel
  54. What will the kids and grandkids think of my Remlin 1895?
  55. 80% receivers
  56. How Do You Protect Yourself Gun Buying?
  57. Marlin horror story. YouTube
  58. for your viewing pleasure.....quality manufacturing
  59. Gun Broker Ad
  60. Like an ostrich
  61. Brief History Of Remlin
  62. Truth About Remlins
  63. North Carolina is so far behind the times.
  64. Merry Christmas
  65. New marlin models
  66. am i looking in the wrong place
  67. My NEW Remlin 1895 GS arrived at my dealers today - reporting on it!
  68. Walnut vs Birch
  69. Mod. 60 jam problem
  70. Emergency/Gun fund always turns into christmas fund
  71. Happy thanksgiving
  72. New Marlin Quality
  73. sent my remlin in for repair.
  74. Rant from Classifieds
  75. RIP Marlin
  76. North Haven plant
  77. Remlin happy endings
  78. The difference between Marlin and Remlin
  79. Dear Remington...
  80. Marlin closing it's doors? Email rumor's going around...
  81. Are guns not what they used to be?
  82. My complaint about Remington Marlins
  83. why a big company like remigton screwed up the once good marlin
  84. WoW !!!!
  85. Good or Bad 336 ?
  86. Thought Newer Marlins were getting better!
  87. What are marlin and Remington's specs for 22 rimfire groups ?
  88. It Is What It Is
  89. Walnut decorated synthetic?
  90. New Remlin to buy or not!!
  91. New Marlin Question
  92. The Remlinites are taking over!
  93. Article on Remington, USA focusing on the Ilion, NY plant
  94. outdoor chanel Marlin plant
  95. Why has it got to be like that.
  96. "Made in America" or "integrity", which means more?
  97. Dream Rifle,Big Disappointment
  98. In this small ......................
  99. 1895GBL QC problem continues
  100. Holy crap.
  101. Parts arrived from Marlin
  102. Why don't they make the leverguns in Mayfield?
  103. Did Marlin stop production on the 336C and Model 60 ?
  104. 1895GBL Stock Issue
  105. You can train monkeys.....
  106. 12 out of 12 had the barrels clocked wrong
  107. Remington is getting it right!
  108. Warning Newbie Rant: New 39A is an Unsafe Piece of Junk
  109. 21 of the rifles in the 2013 catalog are PLASTIC OR FAKE WOOD STOCKS!!
  110. Done with marlin
  111. Upgrade to nra life member for $300
  112. Yes, I am complaining....
  113. If I had A choice.
  114. Another poor fitting 336
  115. Why would Marlin leave their money in CT Unclaimed funds?
  116. Marlin owners customer satisfaction survey
  117. There is still a chance for Marlin...MAYBE!
  118. cartridge spring
  119. Marlin take over
  120. My 336Y's JM and Rep
  121. Looks like Marlin is putting out higher quality rifles
  122. Getting my head around this Remlin bashing
  123. 2 years ago today.
  124. Is this a crack in my NIB unfired 1895 GBL???
  125. Remlin Fail
  126. Marlin customer service
  127. Quality control? We don't need no stinkin quality control.
  128. Remlin 1895SS?
  129. 336RC info.
  130. Remlin guns nothing I'd put my money in!!
  131. What Are GOOD Marlins ?
  132. Marlin Closing Its Doors: Can this be true?
  133. Another Side Effect of Remington/FGI Ownership
  134. Marlin Quality "Made in America"?
  135. My hero
  136. New 1895GBL Seems OK
  137. What would convince you to buy a new marlin??
  138. Why you should buy a Rem/Marlin
  139. The Marlinitis Foundation - (Marlin-itis)
  140. Limit for Concentricity of Bore and Grooves????
  141. Kinda surprised nobody is commenting on the Taurus/Freedom group buyout
  142. Remlin 1894 and 1895
  143. Need some warranty advice
  144. Remington/Marlin
  145. Remlin rehab forum...............
  146. Just looked at a new 1895
  147. My 336Y......
  148. Tactical stock for XL7?
  149. Not a rant but ..................
  150. Rifleshooter Article on Increasing Value of Marlins
  151. Good or bad, Taurus rumored to by Freedom Group
  152. Meaning of JM vs REP
  153. Remington may move out of NY 1,200 jobs going with it
  154. Remlin/Marlington's cross-eyed QC inspector - no joke
  155. New Marlin 60 .22 Rifle out of the box question...
  156. Which is which?
  157. Why won't Marlin make more 1894's ?
  158. Could There Even Be Another Brophy?
  159. 45-70 at the gun shop
  160. Vaunted "older" Marlin quality
  161. Marlin 22 mag 882 SS
  162. brand new 45/70 G ...BROKE MY HEART
  163. The Tidal Wave begins: Cerberus selling Freedom Group
  164. Cerberus to sell gunmaker Freedom Group after shootings
  165. I saw a Remlin 338 MXLR today
  166. New 45-70 1895 SBL - have one on order
  167. OMG!!! Marlin discontinued the .35 Rem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. new Marlin 1894c
  169. 336 bl
  170. NEW Remlin - a good one - Now Scoped (PICS) - follow up to earlier post
  171. Why doesn't MarlinOwners become the owner's of Marlin?
  172. I would like to hear your opinions please.
  173. Need quick sanity check on Remlin dates
  174. skinner sights
  175. Things Just Arenít the Same Anymore
  176. If Remington / Marlin could get the rights to the Savage Model 99
  177. Do all new Marlins
  178. Another Bad GBL.
  179. Looking for 25-20 section ?
  180. Am i the only one
  181. 336 lever sticks warranty service update
  182. Another bad stock fitted 336W at my local "Big Mart"
  183. Marlin could learn sumthin' from Bill Weaver
  184. Are we now going to have Taping Remlins?
  185. Greedy gun buyers
  186. Did anyone see Gun-Nuts on Marlin?
  187. I guess it's gone full circle now.....
  188. Truly a Learning Experience
  189. Browning BLR
  190. What will it take to accept the Remlins? Follow up
  191. Remember when ....
  192. Remlin Quality???
  193. This Poor Guy Bought A Remlin
  194. My New Marlin Experience
  195. Forwarding to Remington
  196. Modern Marlins, models of mediocrity.
  197. Scope Mount Holes
  198. I am confused...what is good or bad???
  199. 2009 quality?
  200. Gander Mtn has lost my business
  201. Rant on the SASS wire.
  202. Hahahahahahaha......... Remlin...........
  203. Tale of Marlington frustration.
  204. Has RealGuns done a backflip on Guide Gun quality?
  205. Something good at remington !!!
  206. Let me be the first for 2012...
  207. Marlin quality ????
  208. Marlin Gone ???
  209. Purchsed August 01, 2012 1894CS
  210. not exactly a rant
  211. Looked over a few new Remlins today
  212. Freedom group's other brands
  213. Yeah, but, what about the pressures? A Rant!
  214. Gun Test Article August 2012
  215. They Still Have A Way To Go
  216. Reply From Roland45acp
  217. What did Remington do with all the old parts/
  218. interesting video
  219. Marlin Model 1894C production 2012?
  220. I hate what Marlin has become
  221. .450 or .45-70?
  222. Beware! I got scammed.
  223. Found a GREAT!! way to get Marlin's made right !!!
  224. How about a Checklist for purchasing a new Marlin/Remlin?
  225. Caveat emptor
  226. Can we still expect Marlin to do this now ??
  227. Disturbing Conversation about Mayfield Kentucky Marlin/Remington plant
  228. JM Marlin QC Issue
  229. Good experience with REMLIN?
  230. Walnut linseed oil finish???
  231. George soros I hate him
  232. I found this big stick in the woods today...
  233. Marlin is alive and well :)
  234. How many of you work for Cerberus/freedom/Remington?
  235. Former Marlin workers......
  236. New 336SS, please look at pics and hit me hard...how bad is this?
  237. gosh I love my 444P!
  238. Lets let the Remlin quality discussions cool down and focus on positive Marlin topics
  239. Real Guns article describes the faults of a Marlington
  240. Is my GBL an "old" or a "new" Marlin?
  241. Sad, Sad.............
  242. What was the main cause and effect Marlin takeover?
  243. marlin QC
  244. The Marlington Model 1895 Guide Gun Marlin's identity crisis
  245. The Marlin Rant Forum
  246. Leverevolutions bugging anyone else?
  247. Marlin Firearms Facebook Page
  248. Marlin xt-22R cleaning accessories..
  249. Marlin Owners Lobby
  250. New 1895G - I can't beleive how bad it is - (pic heavy)