There are some surplus powders for auction out near where my brother works.
They are military,. I'm guessing they are for a BMG or something like least from what I read.
I've also read that they are bulky and it's nearly impossible to get an overcharge.

My question is,...are they the equivalent of something we are familiar with. The thought of not having to pay through the nose for powder would be a bit comforting. If I could get 45-70 load data,. I may consider buying it if the lot size is not so huge I'd have to be in a war to use it all. At least I wouldn't be filling the pockets of the 4198 and Rl7 guys.

WC 872 and WC 867 are the names of the powders.
Chime in if you know something. There is probably a huge chance that it hundreds of pounds...but I'm going to at least look into it if it's something that I can benefit from.