My 1895 shorty Story
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Thread: My 1895 shorty Story

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    My 1895 shorty Story

    A few months back, I picked up a Remlin "G" off GB. Against all internet warnings, reservations, and common sense, I bought it based on pics alone because the price was right- it looked new, and came with an XS Lever-rail/front sight combo, Leupold VX-2 factory tuned for the Leverevolution FTX round, and a fairly nice sling. Sadly, the only pic I have was the one in my avatar. Needless to say, for $550, I felt I was way ahead of the curve regardless of any minor issues I might find. I estimated the extra goodies at somewhere @ $400 minimum.

    When the gun arrived, first glance looked good. The finish was a nice deep blue and free of any marring. The wood was pleasant, even if the pressed checkering looked a little cheap compared to my other Marlins. All seemed well.

    I got my new, long awaited toy home and began fine toothing it. There was some slight gapping of the rear stock, which I plan to address eventually with Acra-glass. The real disappointment came when I removed the scope and looked down the bore line. The front sight was slightly, but noticeably canted to the right. Test firing confirmed what I was afraid of- while accurate, it would not hit POA at varying distances. I immediately called Remarlington CS and to my surprise, was emailed a UPS shipping label back to the factory. A short week later (a big red flag) I received an email letting me know my gun was shipping back. When it arrived, I eagerly looked it over, and immediately saw that nothing had been done, despite the paperwork saying "front sight indexed".

    I figured that if I wanted a normally shooting rifle, I would have to correct the problem by resetting the front sight. I started checking local smiths, but was not happy with quoted prices to simply re-tap and reset said sight. Then I thought- "Why pay to have a normal looking factory rifle?"

    My next plan included chopping the barrel and re-sighting instead. Obviously, I was starting to get further into a money hole to make my rifle right.

    One day, I caught sight of the add for Ranger point Precision at the top of the forum page, and I really liked the look of their work. I fired off an email, and was surprised when I got a reply from Adam at @11:00 that night! I explained my tale of woe, and he told me to ship it out. I sent it off immediately. I shortly thereafter decided that I really liked the look of the sight-brake/fire sight combo, and decided to have the barrel cut down so that the overall length was a scant 16.25", with the brake permanently attached. The last change to make this Remlin distinct, and my own, was a coat of matte black Gunkote. After several conversations with Adam, the work was finalized.

    In the amount of time most companies take to ship an already assembled product, I received an email that my rifle was done. I was thrilled! It was shipped back, and the following pics can hardly due justice to the results. Enjoy!

    nekkid overall shots. The finish is perfectly applied and flawless.

    The sight-brake with fire-sight. My sights are now perfectly centered. The brake is permanently attached, but the front dovetailed sight is drift able.

    Side by side with my beloved 1894 Limited 16" shorty- it will have serious competition for brush busting!

    The fire sight really jumps out at you through the XS rear peep. Adam height matched it to match the previously installed XS front blade.

    With the scope attached via quick release rings.

    I can't thank Adam and his team enough for a distinctly custom gun I can be proud to own.
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    Gearhounds, What an neat looking rifle!! I love the 16 1/4" barrels, I have one (A model 1894P) that I hunt with. The shorty's are great for the heavy brush hunting. You will get all of your money back in just pleasure alone. Have fun and enjoy your new made treasure.

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    Hey Gear,

    Bet you a cup of coffee, that Ranger modified 1895 is soon your favorite hunting rifle!

    Very nicely done!

    Later, Mark
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    Mike - Thanks for posting the pics and sharing your story. We're so glad to hear that you're thrilled with the rifle! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope we can stay in touch. Adam

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    Outstanding looking rifle!! Glad Ranger Precision was able to get everything done to your specs and satisfaction! I'm looking forward to working with them for a project rifle in the near future! Let us know how it shoots!
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    Dangit...if that wasn't the best way to get me to drool all over my keyboard and want to spend more money...I dunno what is...
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    no matter the trials and tribulations....that is one fine rifle...!!!!

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    That is SWEET! Gearhounds, you made the right choice with that. Kudos to Ranger Point too!

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    Sweet looking. Please keep us informed on how it shoots and handles. I am curious, beginning to get the itch for a short 45-70.
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    Congratulations on a fine shorty 45-70. Now my standard hunting, camp, and general purpose tool. For camp use especially I also have a rail from Wild West for a light. Enjoy shooting. image.jpg Pic of a friend after her first shot with mine. She burned through a lot of my target and even my heavy bear loads. Share the fun.
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