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Thread: 2nd question about hunting with a dirty bore?

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    2nd question about hunting with a dirty bore?

    Well I posted a question about a week ago about hunting with a dirty bore, and most guys said I should hunt with a slighty dirty bore (like 2-5 shots through) but I have shot about 60, and I do not have to time to go to my range after a cleaning to foul the bore. also my range is in the middle of the woods were I hunt, so it is probably not a smart idea to go shooting in the woods when the hunting is right around the corner. (bow season started already). so My point is, should I use a bore snake ONCE through the bore to clean it some, but leave it a little dirty? thoughts?

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    I don't see a problem with pulling a dry bore snake through to remove any heavy fouling, but would not suggest any lube. Probably not necessary anyway if the gun is shootin POA as is. For only a limited number of hunting shots, why risk changing what's working?
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    I agree with surveyor, leave it alone and enjoy the hunt. I have shot several hundred rounds thru my rifles without cleaning, it doesn't change point of aim.

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    If your point of aim and point of impact vary according to whether the bore is clean or dirty, then it looks like you are forced to compromise in favour of hitting your target. I am surprised that it would make a practical difference at hunting ranges but then, it has never happened to me. I would keep my bore clean for fear that it would rust under the fouling. That has happened to me and accounts for my paranoia.
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    Do whatever you feel you must to allay your anxiety. It's clearly a psychological problem, not a shooting problem.
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    I have always hunted with a clean bore and never missed my mark. (Knock on wood). I have also never seen a difference between my groups whether my bore is clean or dirty. I have zeroed my M16 one day and cleaned it and was still killing targets at 500y the next day

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    I still advocate (after 60 rounds especially!!) a thorough cleaning then 2 to 4 or 5 shots to foul, however, your situation is that, once clean, you will not have another oppurtunity to foul the bore. In that case, I would ask: How was your accuracy during the last 4 or 5 rounds of that 60? If it was good, I would leave it as it is and go hunting here in a couple of weeks. Clean it after you get your deer (or elk, or...). Don't mess with it

    Now if your groups were beginning to spread wide, then clean it well and leave it clean for the hunt.

    Just my thoughts....
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    Well, you've still got some time to do a little experimenting before the season I imagine.

    I commonly see the very first shot go to a different point of impact then the rest of them do but usually no more than about an inch off at 50 yards. The interesting thing I've noticed is that it's always the same. That is, on any given rifle, say the first shot hits 1 inch high which is common, then subsequent shots group dead on. Generally I don't get concerned except when hunting squirrels with a 22 and going for head shots. That inch can make me miss so I hold the first shot on a critter with a cleaned bore just a tad low and it'll hit 'em every time. All later shots are held dead on. On a deer rifle, you can test what happens on that first shot and just make a mental note on the odd chance that you are in a situation where it matters. For all practical purposes, the first shot being off 1 inch on a deer sized animal is totally irrelevant. I'm not a big fan of leaving guns standing around the house with dirty bores. It's too easy to forget until the following season and have the possibility of damage occur. Once that happens, you can't undo it. I clean mine pretty much every time I go out shooting.

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    I always put my rifles up clean and they shoot where they are sighted clean. At most it might vary 1/2 or 1 inch at 100 yards. Probably won't vary any. Shoot in the middle of the deer and you should be OK.

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    Clean the rifle.

    I use about 20 of my rifles for hunting. The rest are target/play rifles. Each of my rifles is cleaned after shooting. Each has taken multiple "big game" shot from clean. Of course I weekly practice with them and make note in log books of where the first, cold-clean, shot goes. If I see a pattern where it is out of normal impact point for the rifle...I SELL THE RIFLE.

    Each of my rifles stick that first cc (cold-clean) into the normal group. Leaving for Georgia and muzzeloader season right now. Even the muzzeloader I use hits perfectly cc. After a week of fun I am staying just for the first day of rifle. My 7MM mag is clean and ready to hammer one down over 500 yards cc. Even for that one day my 06 pump carbine back-up is clean, tested and ready.

    When the serious hunting starts in November I will have 5 different rifles and all are cleaned and ready for that cc shot. My newest Marlin, another 30-30, 24" stainless is being prepared for testing. For me to hunt with it next year it must pass my cc test and shoot accurately. Life is too short for problamatic rifles.

    If your testing is showing a need to foul before grouping I would recommend you ditch that rifle. If it's close enough, then clean.
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