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    Marlin Marauder!!!

    Received my Marlin Marauder .35Rem today and now I have a real dilemma. I need to do a little work on stock but other than that it is a fine looking rifle that I will put up some pictures tomorrow. Do I make it an exhibitionist out of it or do I hunt and shoot and hunt with it?

    I can't shoot them all and stay in practice so I need to say what do I hunt and shoot with most? I was also thinking about making it a scout rifle that way I wouldn't have to drill it or anything. Just need a XS system scope mount and it came with a Williams peep sight. Everything else in in place so with a couple of screw-on accessories walla its a scout rifle. Caliber is about right and available so it could become a survivor rifle. Could get a CCW permit and it would make a perfect pickup rifle with the short 16 1/4" barrel. That maybe the way to go.

    Too many options open with this rifle and so little time.

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    Re: Marlin Marauder!!!

    Fred, the Scout Rifle setup isn't for everyone, but those of us who have embraced the concept tend to be very happy with them, and one is NEVER enough. I currently have four, only my 30-30 wears a traditional scope and mount, and it shoots so well I refuse to change anything.

    My 35 Remmy is an SC, not my favorite configuration, but I still enjoy it. Three of my Scouts wear the NcStar 2X7, a scope that's surprising clear and has an eye relief of about ten inches, perfect for the forward-mount setup. The only mount I've tried is the XS, and it's a very solid mount, and fairly easy to attach. From there all you need is a smallish diameter compact scope and a set of low rings, preferably QD-style, to use the iron sights if you ever need to.

    The 35 is the one in the middle. I don't do a lot of snap-shooting with my 336's, I tend to reserve that for the 1894's, but with both eyes open, the setup is VERY fast on target. At 50 yards with the 1894's I can keep a soda can moving non-stop for as long as the ammo holds out. For a woods gun, it's about perfect!
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