2014 Marlin Catalog!
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Thread: 2014 Marlin Catalog!

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    2014 Marlin Catalog!

    While I was browsing the Marlin website this evening I noticed they added a full online version of their 2014 catalog! Most of the content is the usual stuff but the new limited edition 336c really caught my eye. (Available in .35 Rem as well as .30-30.. I've always wanted to get my hands on a .35) Can't wait to see some pics when once they hit the stores!

    2014 Marlin Catalog
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    Clicking on a few of them, the script read deeply blued metal surfaces. unless they changed from the last few years and decided to go back to the way things were, they should have that crappy brown finish and pressed checking with the matt black(?) finish. I just went back and looked again, bottom left hand side it's dated 2013...I'm saying these are old stock photos and Remington is perpetuating a possible fraud on the general public through false advertising. BUT I may be wrong.
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    I like a lot of what I see there. I don't want laminated wood, all the others I would love to have. Of course I want them made perfect and cost cheap.
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    mr fixit, I viewed the entire catalog, although not deeply. I noticed it states deeply blued too and in addition they're stating cut checkering. Zooming in on the 336 Limited Edition, I must say it did not appear cut to me and this picture is definitely representing the new rifle model as it is new. So, verdict is out on bluing and checkering until I have one in my hands.

    I also noted the 444 is indeed back as is the 1895CB. For the 1895CB I was hoping for the 26 inch tapered octagon barrel but it only states 26 inch barrel. Disappointing. Guess the search for the JM continues but more than likely would anyway as I prefer a JM. Still, I would hope to see Marlin hold to the original 1895CB design.

    The 338MX and XLR are indeed listed, which, makes me feel better regarding parts if ever needed for my JM 338MX.

    All in all, I look forward to handling some of these Marlins and hopefully witnessing some continued improvements in quality craftsmanship and fit and finish.

    Oh, and HotLinks... welcome to Marlin Owners and thanks for posting this.

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    I've been wanting an 1895C for some time but when they come up for sale near me they sell for darn close to $1000! Hopefully the new ones are solid and readily available once production starts.
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    I only got to page 5/6 before I gave up with disgust.

    Tell me if I'm wrong or not but I thought there were a couple years recently where the 39A was out of production? I'm not positive about that but seems I heard it here. Anyway, they are still claiming that it's the longest continuously produced gun in America.

    Next, that so called "deluxe" rifle with the tacky fleur de lis checkering? Dang but that just looks out of place on a Marlin. Then take a look at the back end of the fore end. The wood to metal fit is terrible and that's the so called high grade gun they used for the picture in the catalog!

    I'm sorry. I keep hearing about the better Marlins coming out lately and functionally, they might be acceptable. They might even have better wood to metal fit and have the sights on straight most of the time but the crappy wood, the stocks that look like they are from a kit gun waiting for final shape, the Remlin express style bead blasted finish, the ugly laminate etc etc etc.... blah, blah, blah.... yada, yada, yada. I just don't see the quality there.

    The day I walk into a store and honestly mistake a NEW Marlin for an old JM Marlin on the rack, well THEN I'll think about buying one. Until then? They can keep 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr fixit View Post
    I'm saying these are old stock photos and Remington is perpetuating a possible fraud on the general public through false advertising. BUT I may be wrong.
    They are still falsely advertising the rifling as "Deep Cut" too.
    They must think that we never clean our rifles or look down the bore.
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    I was at the Harrisburg Out doors show and Marlin was there and had all the guns in the new 2014 cat. They all seemed to be very nice even the LE one with the gold horse. Got a free tee and hat. Talked to the rep for awhile.
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    I'd really like to see one of the 1894CB's up close and personal, as well as the 1895CB in 444Marlin, I wasn't going to add the 444marlin back into my lineup, but, I would for a nice Cowboy! I have 2 slots in my gun safe open, beyond that I have to sell something and that is getting to be a tough choice!
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    Just be forewarned, the past few years have been notorious for things in the catalog that never made it to production. Such as the 1894SBL.
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