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    Keep the 308. I own a Remlin 308ME and I still would not give it up. Both the 308ME and the 338MX Kicks A_ _ ! That's what made me buy a 308ME---I came across a JM 338MX new and bought it. After shooting it with factory Hornady Ammo I liked it so much and was so impressed with the power I had to get a matching 308ME.
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    Just did a search for used 308ME rifles and the only ones I found were several hundred dollars more than I paid for mine a few years ago. Nice.
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    keep the 308 mx, loaded with a 130gr jfp and it's got almost the speed and me of a 270 win, or with ftx ammo either way very effective cxp2 slayer
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    I would keep it too! I have a 308 MX and it quickly became my favorite rifle for most hunting out to about 225 yrs. I have used on whitetail and hogs with great success. I also have heavy barrel 30- 06, a model 70 featherweight in 308 win and Savage 99 in 243. My 30-06 is tack driving sub MOA rifle but it is heavy and no fun to carry, but sitting in a blind on a large oatfield it deadly out to 400yds. The 308 win is light and and accurate but my true passion is lever guns and the 308 MX is accurate, fast and easy to carry. That's why it's a keeper.

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    Keep the .308 and save up for a 45-70, even if it takes a couple of years. No hog on earth can stand up to a well placed stout 150 or heavier grain .30 caliber bullet. Piles of grizzly bears have been slayed with lesser calibers. If you shoot the hog and he ain't impressed, shoot him a couple more times!

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    I've had very good luck hunting deer, antelope, elk, moose, and caribou with my Savage 99 in .308 shooting plain core-lokt ammo. My .308 Winchester compared to your .308 Marlin shows nearly the same paper ballistics. Thus same results on big game. If it were me, I'd keep it.

    45-70 has a long and proud history of knocking off big game animals. But it's trajectory beyond 150 yards leaves much to be desired in my opinion. I would not choose this cartridge for pronghorn antelope or caribou where shots tend to be well over 200 yards.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose76 View Post
    Tell me I am not an idiot. I decided to go for a bigger bore Lever. I had what I thought was my dream gun and even bought a boat load of ammo to ensure I would be good for many years. In any case I decided to shoot my friends larger bore and fell in love. SIGH! I decided to list my .308 with friggen 300 rounds on a separate site. Not sharing the link because I don't want this closed because I am advertising it. But needed to know before it ends or anything, am I making a huge mistake. I really like the idea of using a 45/70 open sights for hog hunting. Am I being absolutely stupid for selling my JM rifle. Are the JM rifles any better than the post remmy issues rifles? Were the 45/70's culprit of any of the accuracy issues after Remmy took over?

    In any case I have been a member for many years, never really posted because I never really had a need to, but now... yeah.... having second thoughts....

    Apologies if this type of question has been posted before..

    Did the same thing, but kept the .308MX.

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    I would only trade the 308 in on a .338. And I would still get the 45-70. With either the 308 or the 338 and the 45-70, you got all the bases covered from long range to dangerous game stopper. Pretty neat, ha.

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    On my second 308MX, truelly regreted selling the first one, and took years to get another JM at a reasonalbe price. Most folks concentrate on stringing the 308MX out as a long range lever, with good results. Throw away some of the range and load with soft 190gr and 200gr Hawks, turns the 308MX into a really terminal mid range animal, all out of proportion to what .308 suggests. The cartridge is as versatile as it is powerfull.
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    I've had just about one of everything I guess...
    I hunted with a 45-70 before my neck surgury...It was a hoot.
    I had a 444 for awhile too, and I actually preferred it over the 45-70.
    I have a 308 and a 338MX. They are both fine calibers in their
    own right. I like them both equally well.
    Took several whitetail with the 308 and it does well.
    The 338 kills with authority.
    I think at some point we get past what we really need and
    get into what we want.
    But that's the beauty of it right?
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