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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose76 View Post
    Sigh, you guys aren't making this easy.... But, maybe you are on to something...Now to figure out how to justify adding to the collection instead of thinning the heard.

    Take out empty gun case come back with full gun case, months later when the wife asks
    when did you get that you can answer with complete honesty, honey I've had that one for quite awhile.
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    When Marlin introduced the .308 MX, I jumped immediately......and I've never regretted it. I did very much like you did. Being a reloader, I've assembled enough brass to keep me going until I'm done. Moreover, it's my go-to cow elk rifle. I can't image ever parting company with it.


    Here it is with a Leupold VX-II 2-7x in low rings. I've killed 3 elk with it and the cost to replace it in the future can not be considered.

    Plus, the Marlins in the case would miss it terribly

    Good Luck,

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    Keep the 308, you will regret letting it go..
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    Like so many above have said, keep it. You might never find another JM and the REP's just aren't a JM. The 308 ME cartridge is a very capable round too.

    Get your big bore and your set.

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    Even thinking about selling my 308MX gives me the heebie jeebies...

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    Your call, but I personally like having a variety in calibers etc. and would keep it, save up some dough and buy a 45-70 when you could... that is if you liked it in the first place.
    Good luck to you...
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    I would never sell any JM variation of any XLR, regardless of the caliber it was chambered in.

    Yeah... They're that good.

    If in doubt, check on the availability and pricing of a bonafide JM in the XLR configuration. When you can find them, they are priced well above the traditionally accepted market value and don't seem to last too long. There is a reason you selected a .308MXLR in the first place - - a "run-of-the-mill" JM in .45-70 is pretty easy to track down. Keep your .308MXLR, start saving your money, and get your .45-70 when you've got enough dough; but I wouldn't sacrifice my XLR to fund it on a whim.

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    Just one more DONT do it, you will regret it. Plus, if you want a guide gun now I am sure you would wish you had bought a standard 1895 or cowboy later. No matter what you get you will want to add a different configuration later.
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    Just add to the herd. Of all my Marlins, the 308 would be the last one I would ever let go.
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    I will be the devil's advocate here. I sold my 308 XLR almost a year ago for almost twice the price I paid for it. It was a good time to sell, as the pre 2009 rifles were going for premium prices, of which they may be now.
    Before I sold this rifle, I had purchased a Remington 700 in 30-06 of which the ammo is cheaper and easier to obtain.
    I do miss the XLR at times, but then again the money I made on selling it allowed me to put a heavy anchor winch, Bimini top and extra tackle onto my fishing boat, of which I spend a lot more time in than shooting that XLR.
    So, if you ask a good price that will make you extra cash for it, don't regret it.

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