I read the old post about carrying extra ammo in the field and have a couple observations. First there is an 8 round quickstrip by Tuff Products. It can be found at Midway


I have been studying the various methods used for the past one hundred years or so and have various cartridge belts and pouches, mostly US and British.

These 8 round quickstrips will fit the US M-1 Carbine 15 round cartridge pouch. I suggest using the pouch designed to hold either the carbine magazine or the M1 rifle 8 round clip. These are usually marked under the flap. The ones I have seem slightly larger than the WW2 pouches. The multi use pouch goes for around $15 or so on Ebay. These will hold 2 of the Tuff strips.

Also the ammo wallets that hold 18 .357 rounds will fit in the 30 round M-1 Carbine pouch. You can get 2 easily into the pouch.

These are good ways to store ammo safely for quick use. Probably not so appropriate for hunting but you can carry several on the US pistol belts for emergency purposes like civil disorders and the like!